The two-year project which was launched in 2021 is part of the Circular Plastics in the Americas Program addressing the issue of plastic waste as part of the EU commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The collaborative activities it undertakes aim to support the transition toward more sustainable production and consumption and, boost ongoing national processes to create opportunities for a sustainable and circular plastics economy. 

Reducing Plastic Waste in Canada aims to deepen knowledge, strengthen approaches, and accelerate the implementation of solutions through a series of targeted activities such as peer-to-peer exchanges, workshops, knowledge development reports, study tour and, dissemination activities. The project recognizes the complex backdrop of actors and commitments leading actions in Canada and is appropriately focusing its activities to collaborate with key influencers in advancing solutions to broader audiences in support of Canada’s National Strategy and Action Plan on Zero Plastic Waste.

The two-year programme of activities which started in 2021 to January 2023 will broaden the interactions between Canadian governments, leading business and advocacy organizations and EU counterparts in five areas key to a circular economy: 

  • extended-producer responsibility;
  • best practices in product design and public education;
  • efficient technologies for a circular economy;
  • value retention practices and alternatives to single-use products, and
  • circular procurement practices and tools. 

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