7 Stories on Sustainable Consumption Campaigns

Consumers play a central and active role in circularity and sustainability: their choices can influence product design and supply; their values and actions can shape policies and orient public and private investments. How consumers react to information and uptake new practices is essential to the transformation of economies and social norms towards more sustainable systems. Well informed consumers can also translate this knowledge to their professional and work environment and vice versa.

Successful approaches to using plastic campaigns to influence sustainable production and consumption can serve as inspiration and guidance in Canada. This series of stories identified by the Reducing Plastic Waste in Canada project exemplifies the elements of sustainable consumption that are most successful in European campaigns. 

Stories on Sustainable Consumption Campaigns from the EU

  1. The Importance of a Communications Campaign to Shape Sustainable Consumers’ Response to a New Policy
  2. Six Key Elements of an Effective Campaign
  3. Campaigns to Shape Sustainable Consumers Target Change at All Stages of the Plastics Value Chain
  4. Awareness vs Motivation: Campaign Best Practices
  5. Small Community of Bitetto in Southern Italy: a Best Practice for Zero Waste Europe Cities Initiative
  6. Community Collaboration on a Zero Waste Campaign in Northern Ireland
  7. Community Collaboration on Zero Waste Campaigns Across Germany

The European Union (EU) project on Reducing Plastic Waste in Canada