As part of the European Union’s (EU) “Reducing Plastic Waste in Canada” project, the EU is collaborating with leading organisations in Canada to share best practices and create networking opportunities to reduce plastic waste.

The two-year project was launched in 2021 as part of the Circular Plastics in the Americas Program contributing to the EU’s commitment to the United Nations (U.N.) Sustainable Development Goals. For two years, the Reducing Plastic Waste in Canada project has developed a collaborative network between Europe and Canada to accelerate the global transition to more sustainable consumption of plastics through various information dissemination activities to deepen knowledge, strengthen approaches, and accelerate the implementation of solutions by a broad audience across the plastic value-chain and stakeholders.  

The mandate of this project is now complete as of January 2023. The Plastic Action Centre is pleased to host and share among Canadian stakeholders the following highly valuable knowledge products developed by the project.

  1. EU Best Practices in Reducing Plastic Waste: Highlights Report
  2. Sustainable Consumption Campaigns: Lessons in Shaping Sustainable Consumers
  3. Reuse Symposium & Policy Dialogue: Highlights Report
  4. Green and Circular Procurement Training Course
  5. Plastic Pacts: Regional Collaboration and Global Leadership
  6. Recycling Flexible Plastics Webinar Series
  7. Extended Producer Responsibility – Lessons from Europe for the ICI Sector
  8. European Green Deal: Investments that Lead to a Climate-Neutral Europe
  9. Key European News Resources on Reducing Plastic Waste
  10. Reducing Plastic Waste in Canada – Project Wrap Up

The European Union (EU) project on Reducing Plastic Waste in Canada