September 2022 Calendar: 10 Story Submissions

Extended Producer Responsibility Theme

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) isn’t just for end-of-life recycling. It is an over-arching approach that includes engaging producers to think about and plan for end-of-life in the design or upstream stage of the manufacturing life cycle for their product or packaging. There are many initiatives happening in Europe that demonstrate how EPR is being applied both upstream and downstream. Some of the best practices in Europe are identified by the Reducing Plastic Waste in Canada project and presented in the following stories.

  1. Design for a Circular Economy Guideline for Flexile Packaging – a Producer Responsibility Initiative
  2. Digital Watermark Labelling – Upstream Technology Development by an Industry Consortium to Drive a Circular Economy in Europe
  3. Germany’s New Packaging Legislation – An Enhanced EPR Approach
  4. Leading Producer Responsibility Organization PreZero (Germany) Developed an Innovative Sorting Technology for Flexible Plastics
  5. Regulated EPR for the ICI Sector in Europe: Belgium Valipac
  6. Expanded Residential EPR for “Out of Home”: Belgium Fostplus
  7. RecyClass: An Industry-led Initiative to Certify Recycled Content in Plastic Products
  8. France Pushes EPR Well Beyond Packaging to Durable Plastic Products
  9. Dutch Deposit Return Systems Working in Tandem with EPR
  10. Denmark’s Successful Deposit Return System is a Leading Example of Producer Responsibility