Reuse is a preferred practice at the top of the waste management hierarchy. 

Growing in scope and scale, reuse is being pursued in many sectors of the economy. Innovative approaches are underway to shift consumer behaviours away from single use products or packaging and extending the life of products.  New businesses models are increasingly relying on supportive policies to carve their place in the economy. Local governments are also investing in supporting reuse practices in their community, such as local bike share programs, tool lending libraries, or repair café’s. All of these initiatives and businesses are beneficial strategies that can reduce greenhouse gases, reduce waste, conserve resources and deliver a range of social benefits. 

Varied and successful reuse practices and policies in Europe can serve as inspiration and guide to achieving zero waste targets in Canada. The series of stories identified by the Reducing Plastic Waste in Canada project exemplifies how reuse is growing and pursued in many sectors. They include Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) approaches that have successfully scaled, new reuse policies or regulatory approaches, local zero waste initiatives in cities, as well as reuse networks with social, environmental, and economic benefits.  

Stories on Reuse from the EU

  1. New Regulatory Requirements for Reusable Packaging Coming to Europe
  2. The Benefits of the Four Reuse Models as Outlined by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  3. France’s Anti-Waste and Circular Economy Law Drives Reuse
  4. Austria’s New Legislative Quota for Refillable Beverage Containers
  5. Deposit Return for Reusable Drink Cups in Germany: Scaling Small Business
  6. Bulk Dispensing of Cosmetic Products in France is a Unique B2C Business
  7. Greece Introduces Eco-Modulation of Producer Responsibility Fees to Encourage Reuse
  8. Spain’s Reuse Targets that Prioritize Social Enterprises
  9. A Green Deal Packed Differently in Belgium Focusses on Reuse
  10. RREUSE International Network with Social, Economic and Environmental Benefits
  11. Reuse in the Textiles Sector on the Horizon to Reduce Plastic Waste
  12. Lessons Learned from the United Kingdom’s Textiles Sector Reuse Initiative
  13. Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) Model for Reusable Transport Packaging Systems in Europe
  14. Scaling One of Europe’s Largest Refill Trials
  15. Zero Waste Europe Engages in Local Action on Reuse Initiatives

The European Union (EU) project on Reducing Plastic Waste in Canada.