The Reducing Plastic Waste in Canada Project has completed its two-year mandate (January 2021- January 2023). The project has been very successful in engaging Canadians and Europeans in the spirit of collaboration, sharing knowledge and working together towards a more circular economy for plastics.  

The overall project objective was to enhance the EU’s bilateral and regional cooperation and partnership strategies through reinforcement of policy dialogues and implementation of collective responses to challenges of global or mutual concern, in particular the transition to the plastics of the future. As a key partner, the Plastic Action Centre has been instrumental in supporting the project’s efforts to disseminate information, best practices and local case studies from Europe. We hope that the best practices that have been profiled in the Plastic Action Centre will support efforts and ambitions of Canadian and other stakeholders. These stories, practices, resources, and associated reports, intend to increase knowledge and boost ongoing processes towards a circular economy for plastics. All in-person events and virtual activities were made possible because of the generosity and expert contribution of individuals from many sectors. Openness to share experiences and willingness to take time to listen were tangible ingredients of the project’s success and hopefully a bridge to many more future exchanges.

Key project highlights are presented below:

  • Total number of engaged participants in all registered events: 900+.

  • Profiled 52 best practices from 13 European countries.

  • Profiled 26 overarching European Commission policies, strategies, or guidelines.

  • Profiled best practices from 63 European companies in webinars, PAC stories, technology reports, or case studies.

Registered Events:

  • 4 Plastics Recycling Technology Webinars: 250 participants representing interested parties from all continents
  • 1 Agriculture Plastics Recycling Webinar: 100 participants from all across the world
  • Conference on Canadian Stewardship in Toronto – Panel of EU Speakers: 5 speakers in person
  • Conference on Canadian Stewardship Networking Event to host EU Speakers in Toronto: 50 participants in person
  • Sustainable Packaging – Plastic Pacts of the Americas 3 day Workshop in Vancouver: 12 participants in person
  • Reuse Symposium in Toronto: 120 in person, 135 livestream participants
  • Reuse Dialogue Policy Workshop: 40 in person participants
  • World Economic Forum Accelerator Event: 138 virtual participants
  • Supported the EU Technology Business Leaders Showcase, EU Chamber of Commerce Green Days
  • Circular & Green Procurement Training: 40 virtual participants
  • Co-hosting International Urban Regional Cooperation workshop in Ottawa: 25 in person participants + findings available at the Ottawa Waste Management & Circular Economy Networking Event – International Urban and Regional Cooperation (
  • Study Tour to Plastics Recycling Facilities in Europe for 8 Canadian company representatives.


  • Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) served as co-host for the Reuse Symposium in Toronto.
  • Canada Plastic Pact, co-hosted a World Economic Forum Accelerator event, member of the Steering Committee for the Reuse Symposium and co-hosted its networking event, co-hosted the regional Plastic Pacts workshop.
  • Circular Innovation Council served on the Steering Committee for the Reuse Symposium and co-delivered the Circular Procurement Training Course. CIC will be hosting the circular procurement training materials on their website post-project to ensure access to the training materials will be supported post-project.
  • The Plastic Action Centre of the Circular Innovation Council is a key partner in information dissemination of EU best practices identified by the project.
  • The City of Toronto, Environmental Defence, Equiterre, and the Recycling Council of Alberta served on the Steering Committee for the Reuse Symposium.
  • PAC GLOBAL, supported the program development and logistics of the Reuse Symposium
  • Clean Farms Canada co-hosted the Conference on Canadian Stewardship Networking Event and, co-planned and moderated a webinar on Leadership in Managing Agricultural Plastics.

Knowledge Products:

92 knowledge documents were developed through the project by product supporters, collaborators, or team members:

  • 4 EU Flexible Plastics Technology Webinar Recordings
  • 4 EU Flexible Plastics Technology Webinar Fact Sheets
  • 12 EU Flexible Plastics Technology Slide Presentations from Webinar Presenters
  • 1 Agriculture Plastics Webinar Recording
  • 3 Agriculture Plastics Webinar Slide Presentations
  • 1 Reuse Symposium Report
  • 1 Report on Sustainable Consumption Campaigns
  • 1 Report on EU Best Practices Highlights
  • 1 Package of Circular Procurement Training materials
  • 1 Report on EPR for the ICI Sector
  • 1 Report on EU Recycling Flexible Plastics Technologies
  • 1 Report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) Accelerator Session
  • 1 Report on Green Deals Policy Brief
  • 60 Best Practice stories available at the Plastic Action Centre

The European Union (EU) project on Reducing Plastic Waste in Canada