For the past two years the Reducing Plastic Waste in Canada Project has identified leading practices and disseminated knowledge from Europe in support of a transition to more sustainable consumption and production of plastic.  

In particular, pioneering policies, innovative approaches and technologies in waste prevention and material recovery, producer responsibility, green procurement, and value-chain collaboration to reduce plastic waste have been highlighted and shared through many forums.

The objective of this highlights report is to share best practices in various action areas that demonstrate the depth and breadth of European leadership in reducing plastic waste. The aim is to inspire further connections amongst peers leading to new collaborations to increase innovation, problem-solving and overall efforts towards more sustainable production and consumption of plastics.

The practices were identified through literature review and webinars hosted by the project.  Criteria for the selection of practices included examples that:

  • Demonstrate implementation of strategies/policies related to reducing plastic waste at either the regional, national, or local level;

  • Show innovation, the practice not happening at a widespread level elsewhere; and

  • Address theme areas of the Reducing Plastic Waste in Canada project.

The categories of best practices profiled include the following:

  1. Strategy and Policy Directives / Pledges

  2. Extended Producer Responsibility and Design for Recycling

  3. Green Procurement

  4. Reuse Initiatives

  5. Sustainable Consumption Campaigns

This Highlights Report showcases a selection of five best practice examples in each of these categories, including web links as further resources. The selection represents the different tools such as guidelines, roadmaps, technologies, programs, and policies that showcase the momentum across Europe contributing to progress towards the ambitious EU plastics and circular economy goals. The report profiles approaches from eight European countries, seven EU regional policies or strategies, and six European regional organizations that profile business collaborations and environmental non-government campaigns. The Circular Innovation Council of Canada is pleased to host this Best Practices Highlights Report as a key resource within the Plastic Action Centre.  

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Reducing Plastic Waste in the EU: A Best Practices Highlights Report


The European Union (EU) project on Reducing Plastic Waste in Canada