A ban on single-use items is a little closer to being implemented in the city of Edmonton after councillors voted to move forward in Monday’s meeting.

A motion to approve the plan to reduce single-use items and develop a related bylaw was passed without discussion.

Once drafted, the bylaw will go to a public hearing and then will be in effect one year after its approval. The public hearing is expected to happen later this year.

The bylaw would see a ban on things like single-use plastic shopping bags, foam cups and containers and would require restaurants to provide things like napkins, straws and pre-packaged condiments by request only.

A minimum fee on paper and new reusable shopping bags would also be implemented and restaurants would be required to serve dine-in beverage orders in reusable cups or would have to accept reusable cups from customers for dine in or takeout orders. Drive-thru drinks could still be served in single-use cups.

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