EcoTensil provides a revolutionary replacement for plastic cutlery, which can be used in packaging and food service, with its smooth, no-taste folding paperboard utensils.

EcoTensil’s patented and award-winning paperboard utensils are well known and loved in North America. Since 2010, the company has sold hundreds of millions of units globally, including to some of Europe’s largest food manufacturers and retailers. UK and European suppliers of food services and food and packaging manufacturers are quickly embracing EcoTensil’s SUPD-compliant AquaDot folding EcoSpoon as a ready replacement for plastic, partly because it works seamlessly with existing packages and processes and has a more positive impact on the taste of food than wooden cutlery.

“EcoTensil products have always set the standard for the greenest utensils available, and now we are excited to take that to the next level with our new, longer lasting AquaDot range. This line is an easy, versatile and cost-effective replacement for plastic utensils on just about any food package,” says EcoTensil founder and CEO Peggy Cross. “The work Europe is doing to reduce single-use plastic sets a great example for the world, and EcoTensil is very pleased to support companies in meeting their plastic reduction goals with our wonderfully simple folding paper ‘multi-tensils’.”

A pleasing sensory experience

The paperboard used to make EcoTensil AquaDot and GreenDot lines is similar to the material used to make coffee cups, but without any plastic. With one simple “bend to touch dots” fold, the compact EcoTensil becomes a sturdy scoop.

“We have spent the last decade perfecting the silky mouth feel, smooth edges, structural strength and overall pleasing nature of all our utensils,” says Peggy Cross. “Our customers love them – they have worked hard to perfect the flavours and textures of their products, but the texture of wooden utensils can negatively impact the taste experience of their foods. EcoTensil offers a terrific, smooth alternative.”

Sustainable and practical

EcoTensil’s AquaDot range of multi-functional utensils is plastic-free, recyclable and compostable, and is made from PEFC certified sustainably forested material. EcoTensil cutlery also uses up to 80% less material than most other single-use cutlery made from plastic, bio-plastic or wood.

Drawing on its decades of packaging expertise, EcoTensil supplies its utensils formatted ready to be easily fitted into customers’ existing packaging, wrapped, or customised as needed. Unlike wooden cutlery, EcoTensil utensils are available folded, so they can directly replace folded plastic utensils on existing packs, potentially saving re-tooling and equipment costs.

As brand owners and suppliers seek to remove single-use plastics, while enhancing the consumer experience, EcoTensil’s AquaDot range of paperboard cutlery delivers on many levels from a more pleasing taste experience and manufacturing practicality, to environmental sustainability.

News story source: PlasticsNews