Italian bioplastics company Bio-on has begins to manufacture material that is 100 per cent biodegradable for the electronics sector.

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by Liz Gyekye

Smartphones, watches, televisions, computers, wellness systems and other products have long been part of our bio-plastics development plans.

Italian bio-plastics company Bio-on has teamed up with design specialist Kartell to unveil a new company called Eloxel in order to develop the use of bio-plastics in the electronics sector. Eloxel will specifically focus on organic electronics, a form of advanced technology that can be used to create a range of technologies like printed solar cells or computer screens that you can roll up and put in your pocket.

It is hoped that Eloxel will enable designers to develop sustainable products and create what Bio-on describes as revolutionary applications.

Both Bio-on and Kartell each hold 50% shares in Eloxel, the company announced at the end of last year.

Bio-on researchers in Italy and the US have been working on developing this new bio-plastic for two years. The company maintained that its bio-plastic, which contains piezoelectric properties similar to quartz, can produce and store electricity as a result of mechanical stress. Consequently, it is possible to develop membranes or devices to be integrated into clothes and fabrics, according to Bio-on.

According to Bio-on, this new bio-plastic can be used in the consumer electronic sector or the biomedical sector.

The material is 100% biodegradable, the company said in a statement. According to Bio-on, all the bio-materials it develops are obtained from renewable plant sources.

Smartphones, watches, televisions, computers, wellness systems and other products have long been part of our bio-plastics development plans, which every day prove to be used in various industrial sectors to create eco-sustainable products, Marco Astorri, president and CEO of Bio-on, said.

I believed in the new company that Marco Astorri and his team of scientists presented to me, Claudio Luti, president of Kartell, said.

He went on to say that Kartell invested in the new project in order to contribute to a growth process that looks at sustainability and at the protection of environment and peoples health.

Bio-ons Eloxel is the latest in a string of new companies it has recently unveiled.

Last month, it announced that it was working with Italian agricultural specialist Rivoira to create Zeropack- a company that specialises in developing plastics for fruit and vegetable packaging.

According to Bio-on, it researched this packaging for four years.

Zeropack will be able to produce films, crates and small and large containers.

Commenting on the innovation last month, Astorri said: The basis of our bio-plastic has all the qualities to revolutionise the world of food packaging through Zeropack.

We are happy to enter the world of packaging for the future, Marco Rivoria, CEO of Gruppo Rivoira said, adding: The mission is to provide total quality of both product and packaging.

Bio-on also announced, last month, that it would be working withmulti-utility company Gruppo Hera to create a new joint venture to develop what they describe as a revolutionary technology to produce bio-polymers from carbon dioxide.

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