It’s frightening to think of how much plastic waste is created at Halloween. Reduce your plastic footprint this Halloween with these tips.


Keep it real

Stick to the pumpkin – a classic plastic-free Halloween decoration. When carving don’t forget to roast the pumpkin seeds as a delicious snack! Compost your leftover pumpkin scraps or even cook with them

October also offers many other natural decorations such as gourds, fallen leaves, and sticks.


Get creative and make spooky decorations using items from home, or even your recycling bin!

Made to last

October can be cold, windy, and rainy. Purchase decorations that are made to last outdoors year after year. 

Trick or Treat

Many of the candy available in stores for Halloween are individually wrapped in plastic. Look for candy with plastic-free packaging that can be recycled such as paper boxes, paper wrapping, or foil.

Are wrappers recyclable? 

The incredibly difficult process to separate and sort tiny pieces of Halloween candy packaging (along with economics), typically means they are destined for landfill. Always check with your local municipality to find out what can and cannot be recycled. 

DIY treats

If you are providing treats to a smaller group of people that you know, consider purchasing bulk candy or making homemade treats. Give them out in paper bags or reusable jars. 

Use a reusable container or old pillow case for trick-or-treating instead of plastic bags. 


Get creative

Check your closet and put together a costume using materials already at home.

Keep it simple

Sometimes the best costumes are the simplest. Perhaps adding on an accessory or some makeup/face paint will do! 

Shop thrift

Check out your local thrift store for unique finds instead of purchasing new. Not only will you save money, you help extend the life of clothing and accessories. 


Swap out your Halloween costumes from previous years for one that is new to you! Host a swap party with your friends a few weeks prior to Halloween and include costumes in the mix. 

With the changing temperatures, Fall is a great time for swap events. Find one in your community or find friends or family members offering to swap Halloween costumes.


Halloween is only one night a year. Instead of purchasing a brand new costume, consider renting it for the night instead. 

Halloween Parties

Resist purchasing single-use plastic dishes and cutlery just because it’s easier for clean-up. Instead, use reusables so you can wash and reuse them over and over. Not only will you save money and the environment, real dishes are always the nicer looking option!

For plastic-free single-use options, use natural tableware made from wood or bamboo. Edible cutlery made from rice and flours are also a new sustainable option.

If serving candy and treats at your party, purchase in bulk or make them yourself, and serve in reusable bowls.