The Continuous Improvement Fund publishes monthly price sheets that contains a blend of municipal spot market prices for Ontario-based municipalities. It details current and price trends for post-consumer metals, glass, plastic and fibre and is an invaluable tool for municipal officials and others involved in the recycled commodities marketplace.

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December 2020 Highlights

  • Mixed Paper #54 and Sorted Residential Paper (SRP #56) hit 18-month highs in December 2020. Mixed Paper #54 increased to $25/tonne from $15/tonne in November, while SRP #56 increased to $84/tonne from $81/tonne in November.
  • Aluminum and Steel prices hit 18-month highs as well. Aluminum prices increased by 13% to $1,585/tonne from $1,402/tonne. Steel prices increased by 36% to $303/tonne from $222/tonne.
  • PET prices increased by 6% to $157/tonne from $148/tonne.
  • Polycoat prices fell to an 18-month low with its price dropping to -$13/tonne from $10/tonne in November.
  • HDPE prices dropped by 15% to $538/tonne from $633/tonne.