The Canada Plastics Pact, which was launched in 2021 as a collaborative platform for stakeholders in the plastics value chain, has been gaining traction.

The platform connects stakeholders together to achieve eco-focused plastic targets by 2025. Now, six more Canadian partners have joined the Pact, making the total signed so far around 90.

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Canada Plastics Pact (CPP) has welcomed six new partners in Q2 of 2022 who are uniting under the CPP’s shared action plan to build a circular economy for plastics packaging in Canada.

New CPP partners include recyclers finding innovative ways to turn plastic waste into a resource for the circular economy, a leading grocery and fuel retailer, a government entity, and producer responsibility organizations.

The new signatory partners of the CPP are Aduro Clean Technologies, Co-op, and Heffco Elastomers Inc.

The new implementation partners of the CPP are the Government of Yukon; Recycle B.C., and Multi-Material Stewardship Western (MMSW).

Preview text: Recycling Product News Staff,  July 11, 2022, Recycling Product News

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