A new production by Disney is making sure to prevent all single-use plastics from getting any screen time, thanks to the ‘Lights, Camera, Plastic?’ initiative by Habit of Waste.

The initiative aims to get Hollywood to take the plastics issue more seriously.

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“She-Hulk” director, Kat Coiro, will be directing two of the episodes of the series, and she recently was honoured at the annual sustainability dinner of environmental nonprofit Habits of Waste.  During her speech, she revealed that in the upcoming Disney+ series, there won’t be any single-use plastics shown.

“Our amazing showrunner Aron Coleite combed through the scripts to eliminate plastic references. Our production designer Elena Albanese who also worked on She-Hulk discussed it with her team. Paramount Television Studios, 20th Television and Disney Branded Television … have been so awesomely supportive of this,”

This is part of a new campaign to get Hollywood to take the use of single-use plastics more seriously, and Kat Coiro is a member of the Habits of Waste’s “Lights, Camera, Plastic?” initiative, which is working to eliminate showing throwaway plastic items on the screen.  With the idea that the use of single-use plastics will become like smoking, where it is barely seen on our screens.

In her speech, she continued to explain:

 “Movies, television shows, music, internet content — these things influence the zeitgeist. We need directors, producers, production designers, writers, prop masters, unions, agencies, brand sponsors and studios to support this. We need to make plastic uncool. If we can do that, then we can create a sustainable future that will leap from the screen and into the daily practices of our species. it seems like a small thing to do and that is the beauty of ‘Lights, Camera, Plastic?’ It is simple. It is a completely doable step … How do you solve the plastic crisis? One plastic water bottle at a time. Our industry truly does have the power to change the world.

Roger Palmer, What’s On Disney Plus, Nov 4, 2022.

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