After sixty years, Sprite has exchanged its green bottle design for a more recycling-friendly clear bottle.

Clear plastic is favoured over coloured plastics during the recycling process to avoid colour contamination. The move helps to ensure high-quality food grade materials remain in the circular economy.

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Sprite is trading in its familiar green plastic bottle design for an even greener bottle — one that supports the circular economy, according to a statement from Coca-Cola.

Starting on Aug. 1, all new bottles of Sprite will be found in clear plastic bottles, a major departure from the bubbly lemon-lime drink’s historic look.

The popular drink was launched in the United States in 1961 and quickly became a household name with its signature green packaging. Today, Sprite is the third best-selling soda in the world and is Coca-Cola’s number two brand, behind only Coke.

The company says it’s switching to a clear plastic bottle to “support a circular economy for plastic packaging.”

Preview text:  Kathryn Mannie, Global News, July 28th 2022

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