If you’re looking to cut down on the plastic waste you generate in 2020, Karin Aurell has some tips for you.

The Sackville woman challenged herself in June to go a month buying as little plastic as possible.

And she hasn’t looked back.

“It was just one of those silly epiphanies,” Aurell recalled.

She had forgotten her reusable mug and was standing outside a coffee shop holding a disposable cup when she was hit by a wave a shame.

“All of a sudden I felt incredibly embarrassed and I thought, this is crazy. I don’t want to do this ever again.”

Aurell embarked on a mission that has changed the way she buys just about everything — from yogurt to windshield-washer fluid.

She’s shared her progress on social media.

In the beginning, Aurell said, she received lots of help from others who had already made changes to reduce the garbage they generate.

Now people are turning to her for advice.

Here are some of her top tips:

Don’t try to do everything at once

It can be discouraging to think you have to get rid of all plastic immediately, said Aurell, unless a person is “as obsessive” as she is.

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