If you have a hoard of plastic bags shoved inside a cupboard in your home, a Rothesay woman will gladly take them off your hands. 

Renee Outhouse is crocheting plastic sleeping mats for people who are homeless, just as Fundy Region Solid Waste plans to stop accepting plastic bags for recycling beginning in March. 

Outhouse said it’s a chance to reuse the plastic bags and make a small difference for people who are forced to sleep in the cold every night. 

“When I first started this, it was just a side thought. I said, ‘Hey this would be something cool to do with the plastic bags and reuse them so there’s not as much waste.'”  

About 500 people across the province are homeless.

Around 90 people are homeless in Saint John, 45 of whom are chronically homeless.

“This is one small way just to try to help keep them a little bit warmer,” Outhouse said.

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