A reusable takeout container program is taking aim at reducing the 4.6 million metric tonnes of plastic Canadians waste annually.

Developed by Wisebird founders Erika Reyes and Beth Szurpicki, the Wisebox program will allow customers to pay a five-dollar deposit on reusable takeout containers when purchasing their meals. They can then return the container for a full refund at a participating restaurants, or keep the box and reuse it for their next meal. 

“It seems like it’s a flawless system,” says Shawn Adler, the owner of Kensington Market’s Pow Wow Café, which is among the 14 restaurants participating in a four-month pilot program launching on February 21.

“The challenge is going to be convincing people that a five-dollar charge isn’t atrocious as a one-time fee,” Adler says. “It’s a small price to pay to help out the environment.”

Other restaurants set to offer Wisebox containers include Miya Bhai and Mugi in the Annex; Gushi in Cabbagetown; Colombian Street Food in the Junction; Free Times Café and Karine’s in the Kensington Market area; Libertad Mexicana in Liberty Village; Maizal Tortilleria on Ossington, Farm’r in St. Lawrence Market; and Café Tibet Bar & Grill and Coffee And All That Jazz on Roncesvalles.

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