A group of Kelowna, B.C., students is hoping to expand their plastic recycling business by pitching it to a national audience on CBC’s Dragons’ Den

The seven students are seeking investment for Operation Take Two, a plastic recycling facility housed inside a 12-metre steel shipping container in Kelowna.

Items that end up in blue bins are sometimes non-recyclable or not properly cleaned, a term known as contamination. B.C. has a contamination rate of about six per cent.

To tackle the problem, volunteers collect plastic waste from the Kelowna school and take it to the container facility, where it’s cleaned, sorted and shredded into small flakes.

The volunteers use an oven and moulds to create and sell new items, such as plant pots and reusable grocery bags and the group is hoping to eventually operate more pop-up facilities. The program has already raised more than $32,000 in grants and donations.

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