People in the Comox Valley don’t have to look too far to see plastic waste in the ocean.

A local optometry and eyewear outlet, though, is doing something to reduce this global problem through an arrangement to sell a line of eyewear that uses a form of pollution.

“These glasses are 100 per cent made with recycled ocean plastic,” says Claudia Rojas, director of operations for the Western market for New Look. There are 24 models, including six models of sunglasses – all of which are light-weight.

The source material often comes from items like bottles, ropes, line and abandoned fish nets. At present, much of the supply is coming from European waters. The company has partnerships to work with fishermen to collect the material, and Rojas says roughly 10 square metres of plastic from the ocean goes into a single frame for glasses. The plastic that cannot be used to produce frames is sent for recycling for items liking fishing nets.

“Sea2see is really … proof that there are solutions that contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of the oceans,” she says.

“This collection is really the perfect example of a circular economy,” she adds, saying this relationship is creating a new type of job for people around the globe.

“Our competitive strategy is based on innovation, not only by offering the latest products and trends, but by taking the lead on important matters such as eco-responsibility,” says Rojas. “We’re also the first certified eco-responsible company in the industry.”