The CPIA and the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada are discussing making the Canadian Plastics Industry Association a division in the chemical industry’s trade association in an effort to bring more attention to issues of circular economy.

“Combining those strengths will increase our share of voice about urgent plastics issues with important stakeholders at a time when our sector needs the clearest and most unified national voice possible,” said CPIA Chairman Joel Rudolph, who is also vice president of strategy and business development at Farnell Packaging Ltd. in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

“CIAC and CPIA have very complementary strengths and mandates,” he said.

A merger would come as Canada’s national and local governments have focused on plastics waste issues.

“Strengthening advocacy for the plastics value chain in Canada is the principle driver,” CPIA President and CEO Carol Hochu said. “We do expect to find some efficiencies as part of the process but cost-saving is definitely not the driver.”

The groups said the two boards hope to finalize agreements and have the plan confirmed by membership in the first quarter of next year.

The statement said the two groups have collaborated on many issues and noted that last year CIAC and CPIA jointly announced waste reduction targets calling for 100 percent of plastic packaging being reused, recycled or recovered by 2040 and 100 percent being recyclable or recoverable by 2030.

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