With holiday spirit abound our consumption habits tend to increase. In the spirit of giving we present to you our suggestions to reduce your plastic footprint this holiday season. 

  1. Make your own decorations using paper or biodegradable materials
  2. Use reusable dishes and cutlery for holiday parties and get togethers
  3. Wrap gifts in reusable or recyclable gift wrap
  4. Choose real a Christmas tree, wreath, and garland
  5. Reuse gifts you don’t need or want through swap or re-gifting
  6. Swap physical holiday cards for digital
  7. Look for crackers without plastic or glitter
  8. Bring reusable bags when shopping
  9. Gift products made from recycled material and are built to last
  10. Gift products that promote plastic-free lifestyle: reusable straws, water bottles/coffee mugs, reusable containers, reusable tote bags. 
  11. Purchase food for holiday baking in bulk or with minimal packaging

View the full infographic here.

Additional Waste-Free Holiday Resources

Visit WRWCanada.com for more tips and resources for reducing waste during the holiday season. 

Happy Holidays!