The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment regulates waste management and enforces landfill and transfer station compliance through province-wide legislation under The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2010 (EMPA). All regulated waste stewardship and recycling programs are established under this act. 

Key laws in Saskatchewan that affect plastic waste and recycling activities:


Diversion Rates (Tonnes) 2016

All materials diverted 169,675
White goods 1,995
Electronics N/A
Plastics 6,506
Tires 19,924
Construction, renovation, and demolition N/A
Other materials 1,260

*All other materials than ‘Plastics’ may or may not have plastics in them.

Diversion Rate Trends

Waste diversion trends in Saskatchewan. Source: CCME

Material Recovery Overview:

Most of Saskatchewan’s waste diversion and recycling programs are based on the extended producer responsibility (EPR) model, in which the producer is physically and/or financially responsible for the proper disposal of the product at the end of its useful life.  reuse, recycle or safely dispose of waste including plastics:

  • Agricultural Plastics – Cleanfarms is the organization responsible for the proper disposal of grain bags. Visit Cleanfarms for more information on the program and a map of drop off locations around Saskatchewan.
  • Beverage Container Collection and Recycling Program – Take your non-refillable, ready-to-serve beverage containers to any SARCAN depot and receive a deposit refund. These containers include aluminum/tin cans, plastic bottles/jugs, glass bottles, cartons and juice boxes. The mandate of the is to provide a provincial system to collect and recycle beverage containers distributed in Saskatchewan.
  • Electronics – The Electronic Product Recycling Association (EPRA) ensures end-of-life electronic waste is responsibly recycled. You can recycle your old electronics, such as home theatre systems, computers or televisions, at any SARCAN depot or participating retailer locations.
  • Paint – Drop off unwanted household paint at any SARCAN depot in the province. SARCAN also offers a free paint exchange program. The Saskatchewan Paint Program, operated by Product Care Recycling, provides further information on the paint recycling program.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Find information about the Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal program, which allows customers to return pharmaceuticals to the majority of the province’s pharmacies for safe disposal, at Health Products Stewardship Association
  • Printed Paper and Packaging – Multi-Material Stewardship Western Inc. (MMSW) partners with Saskatchewan municipalities to operate the printed paper and packaging recycling program, commonly known as blue box programs. Contact your local municipality for more details on municipal recycling programs.
  • Scrap Tires – Tire Stewardship of Saskatchewan is a non-profit organization that delivers the province-wide tire recycling program. The program diverts millions of used tires from the waste stream, recycling them into useful items such as speed bumps, vehicle ramps, tree rings, mulch mats and running tracks.
  • Used Oil and Antifreeze – Used oil, oil filters, oil containers and antifreeze can be re-refined, recycled and reprocessed into useful products like new lubricants, construction rebar, posts and fencing. Recycling used oil materials helps prevent pollution and conserve non-renewable resources. The Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Corporation (SARRC) provides further information on the used oil and antifreeze recycling program.

Source: Government of Saskatchewan