British Columbia is the only province in Canada with 100% extended producer responsibility for packaging materials. Under B.C.’s system business owners pay a fee for packaging they create. The Recycling Regulation, under authority of the Environmental Management Act, sets out the requirements for extended producer responsibility (EPR) in B.C.

Recycle BC is a not-for-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and paper product recycling throughout British Columbia. These are the communities Recycle BC has directly assumed responsibility for curbside recycling. Recycle BC ensures household recycling is picked up, sorted, and responsibly recycled. Over 1,200 businesses, including retailers, manufacturers and restaurants, fund the Recycle BC program, shifting costs away from homeowners.

Extended Producer Responsibility Policy Framework


Legislated EPR Programs

  • Beverage containers
  • Electronics – audio-visual and telecom, cell phones, computers and accessories, tools, TVs, large and small appliances
  • HHSW – batteries, corrosives and irritants, flammables, pesticides, aerosols, mercury lamps and other mercury products, paint, pharmaceuticals, solvents
  • Automotive – lead acid batteries, tires, used oil, filters and containers, glycol PPP

Voluntary EPR Programs

  • Milk containers

Other Diversion

  • Municipally funded and operated organics programs                                              

Planned EPR Programs

  • Furniture, textiles, carpet

Diversion Rates

All materials diverted


White goods








Construction, renovation and demolition


Other materials


Diversion Rate Statistics