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Join us as we align national efforts to reduce plastic waste through interactive webinars in 2020.

Corporate Commitments

For our inaugural webinar we welcomed Walmart Canada, which shared its strategy for plastic reduction and provided a summary of its Recycling Playbook.

For each major packaging format, Walmart provides information designed to capture recyclability information based on existing infrastructure.

The playbook also provides perspective on feasible recycled content levels based on current industry practice as well as identifies design elements that can pose barriers or challenges to recycling.

By outlining the who – what – how of the playbook strategy, including examples of supplier specifications, Walmart will be able to detail how they are working with their suppliers and how they are measuring participation and impact.

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Featured Guest

Jennifer Barbazza
Manager, Sustainability
Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada has made strong commitments to improve sustainability in their operations across the entire business, and Jennifer and her team ensure these commitments are more than just words.

Walmart Canada has already achieved an 87% waste diversion rate, introduced the Walmart Canada Plastics Charter to reduce plastic waste, and launched Project Gigaton with the support of its suppliers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The retailer is also investing $175 million to build a sustainable, zero-waste fulfillment centre in Surrey, B.C., and will use 100% alternative power to fuel their fleet by 2028. Walmart has committed to achieving zero food waste and ensuring their private brand packaging is 100% recyclable by 2025.

Walmart Canada's Recycling Playbook

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