Waste Free Edmonton is a grassroots organization that is working to significantly reduce the amount of waste created in Edmonton, with an initial focus on single-use disposable items (e.g. plastic bags, straws, coffee cups, and take-out containers).

Last Straw Edmonton

The Last Straw is a movement to reduce plastic waste produced in the hospitality industry. This project is born out of the desire to shift perspectives and behaviours. Every time a straw-free drink is served, it means one less item in our landfills, one less piece of plastic in our oceans. Small changes can make a big difference.

Single-Use Plastics Bylaw

We have started a petition calling on Mayor Don Iveson and Edmonton City Council to take serious action to significantly reduce the amount of single-use plastics in Edmonton. More specifically, we are requesting that City Council implement a comprehensive singe-use plastics strategy that includes a bylaw banning or putting a surcharge on plastic bags, straws, coffee cups, utensils, and take-out containers.

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