Solving the plastics problem will require each and every one of us making small changes in our daily lives.

Whether it’s changing the way we shop, adjusting our habits, or simply refusing single-use plastics like take-out containers and drinking straws, every change helps.

It’s clear that Canada has a plastic pollution problem. While plastic has become an everyday convenience in so many ways, we are only now beginning to understand its lasting impacts on our environment and health.

That’s why Canadian Geographic and Recycling Council of Ontario have partnered to launch Canada’s commitment to rethink plastics through 10,000 Changes, an innovative plastic engagement program funded by the Government of Canada.

10,000 Changes emphasizes the power of individual and collective action by empowering Canadians to create and commit to plastic waste reduction solutions. These solutions will help Canada move toward zero plastic waste by driving meaningful awareness and reductions in the amount of plastic that’s produced, used, and discarded by Canadians.

Over the next 12 months, 10,000 Changes will offer a series of resources to help citizens, corporations, governments, and businesses reduce their plastic waste. As attitudes and actions continue to evolve, 10,000 Changes will provide important tools and resources to help shift behaviour through engagement. It will also provide Canadians with the tools they need to make informed decisions about plastics, and celebrate corporate innovation and individual action.

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