Customers who bring their own mugs will get more chances to win but have to register online.

Until now, Tim Hortons’ annual Roll Up the Rim contest encouraged customers to consume and throw out millions of disposable coffee cups for a chance to win prizes. But this year it’s rolling out a greener version of the contest.

“We listened to the feedback from our guests, who wanted us to modernize the program,” Hope Bagozzi, the company’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement Wednesday. According to Greenpeace, the company produced 260 million single-use cups for last year’s contest alone.

This year’s contest, which runs from March 11 to April 7, allows people to play online at or through the Tim Hortons app. In fact, they’ll only be able to get a disposable contest cup for the first two weeks of the contest.

“We will reward guests who make the sustainable choice by using a reusable cup,” Bagozzi said. They’ll get extra chances to win, compared to those who opt for a disposable cup.

However, customers who play digitally will need to provide an email address and register a Tim Rewards card. Previously, all you needed to do to claim a smaller prize was to present a winning cup (or even just the rim).

Tim Hortons will also be giving away 1.8 million free reusable cups starting March 10 ahead of the contest launch.

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