Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, announced that Pyrowave will be one of 14 cleantech companies across Canada who will leverage $46 million in funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) to bring new and innovative clean technologies to market. The SDTC supports Canadian companies with the potential to become world leaders in their efforts to develop and demonstrate new environmental technologies that address climate change, clean air, clean water and clean soil. Pyrowave has been granted 3,2 M$ to extend its technology platform of chemical plastic-to-plastic recycling to mix plastics, a strategic investment for the Canadian pioneer.

Pyrowave provides a groundbreaking technology that regenerates post-consumer plastics by breaking them down at the molecular level, reducing them to their basic constituents — the monomers — which can be used to make new plastic resins identical to virgin plastics and restore their full value. Pyrowave leads the way to a true circular economy of plastics and is at the forefront of the new generation of plastics.

Molecular recycling allows an infinite recycling of numerous plastics as it brings plastics back to their native, virgin-like state. Molecular recycling gives access to the same markets as the virgin resins, thus creating a new generation of plastics.

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