The Nova Scotia single-use plastic bag ban takes effect on Friday, Oct. 30, and businesses will no longer be allowed to provide those bags.

Bringing your own reusable bags when going shopping is “the best way to protect our environment,” the province says.

This ban is part of the Plastic Bags Reduction Act which was introduced by the province in October of 2019.

Last month, the province questioned its Oct. 30 deadline as a global pandemic has ensued, and caused many changes to the way consumers purchase items, like groceries.

On Sept. 25, the province told Global News in an email, “Nova Scotia Environment is seeking input from Dr. Strang’s office about the use of reusable bags during COVID-19. We anticipate we will have direction in the next few weeks.”

Global News reported that research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States indicates there isn’t a significant risk of virus transmission through the use of reusable bags.