The provincial ban on single-use plastic bags will not be affected by the federal government’s recent announcement of a ban on all single-use plastic by 2021.

In April, the provincial government announced plans to ban single-use plastic bags, pending further review on how the ban would roll out. On Monday, the federal government took things a step further, promising to eliminate single-use plastics outright by 2021.

In a statement, the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment says the timeline of the provincial ban is not affected by the federal announcement.

“The process of drafting and approving the regulations is anticipated to be finalized this summer. It is expected that the date the ban comes into effect will be defined in the regulations,” reads the statement.

“During this time, residents will have time to become accustomed to bringing reusable bags along when shopping and businesses can begin looking at offering alternatives to retail plastic bags. This initiative, while in line with recent announcements by the federal government, will continue to follow provincial timelines.”


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