Fiji moves to ban single-use plastics by 2020.

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By Waisea Nasokia, Nadi

Minister for Fisheries Semi Koroilavesau has reiterated that Government plans to ban single-use plastics in Fiji by 2020. He is now calling on companies that manufacture single use plastics to revolutionalise their machines now.

“We plan on banning plastics by 2020. That allows industries that make single use plastic now to prepare to revolutionise their machinery to make multiple use plastic,” he said.

Additionally, at the national level, there  are legislations and policies in place to  control  the disposal of non-degradable pollutants such as plastics. Meanwhile, the Fijian Government will stress the effects of plastics in schools.

This will cover littering, awareness programmes in schools and the general public, beach clean-up and mangrove planting, which are just some of the ways that many in the country are implementing its commitment to reviving our ocean.

Minister Koroilavesau also praised the children’s involvement in the beautification of our environment and their presence at the Wailoaloa Beach clean-up.

“It is important to involve children. We have been advocating to adults in the past and we were not successful,” he said.

“They know we put up billboards and make announcements on the dangers of plastics in the water. It did not make any impact. This year we will be teaching them in schools and hope that it will have more impact.

“The children will tell their parents and grandparents about the impacts of plastic on the environment.”

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Staff of the Minister for Fisheries including the Race for Water Foundation at the Wailoaloa Beach cleanup in Nadi. Source: WAISEA NASOKIA