Metaspectral, a company offering technology that derives insights from AI using ultra-high-resolution, visible-to-infrared (hyperspectral) imagery, has been awarded more than $300,000 in grant funding from the CleanBC Plastics Action Fund. The fund is funded by the BC Government and administered by Alacrity Cleantech.

The CleanBC Plastics Action Fund supports B.C. businesses creating value from used plastics by including more recycled material in product manufacturing to keep plastic out of landfills.

Metraspectral will use this funding for the development of computer vision, artificial intelligence, and robotics designed to sort consumer waste, increase efficiency in processing materials and improve the quality of post-consumer recycled plastic. The project is slated for completion by Dec. 31, 2021.

The company says that, by using ultra-high-resolution hyperspectral imaging, AI is able to efficiently distinguish among types of plastics for accurate and easy sorting, noting that it’s impossible for humans to differentiate between different types of clear plastic bottles with the naked eye.

The company hopes this technology will support the circular economy for plastics and stimulate more local processing capacity for recycling as more manufacturers begin using the higher-quality recycled plastics. Metaspectral’s technology will be an important ally in achieving those objectives.  Metraspectral will also be contributing to the Government of Canada’s Greening Government strategy of increasing the ratio of plastics that are recycled to 75% by 2030, up from 9% today.

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