Waste management and recycling regulations in Prince Edward Island generally relate to the two areas where waste is generated, the residential and the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (IC&I) sectors.

Residential waste management and recycling operations was turned over to the Island Waste Management Corporation in 1999. Prince Edward Island was the first jurisdiction to have a province-wide source separation waste management system.


Diversion Rates (Tonnes) 2016

Prince Edward Island

All materials diverted



White goods












Construction, renovation and demolition



Other materials


*All other materials than ‘Plastics’ may or may not have plastics in them.

Diversion Rate Trends

Source: State of Waste Management in Canada, April 2015



Disposal Options

Energy Recovery from Waste Approach


No provincial EFW Strategy, but there is 1 large EFW facility. No others planned.


Disposal Approach


Number of landfills operating = 5 with 0 LFG recovery. Province-wide landfill bans on organics, collection is required for both residential and ICI sectors. The Plastic Bag Reduction Act takes effect July 1, 2019, which will ban retailers from offering plastic bags.


*Waste disposal on Prince Edward Island is manage by a private corporation, the Island Waste Management Corporation.

Plastic Bans

Plastic Bag Ban – Province-Wide

The Plastic Bag Reduction Act (Bill No. 114 ) comes into effect July 1, 2019.

  • The Act prohibits a business from providing plastic checkout bags to customers.
  • Businesses are required to charge a minimum of 15 cents for a paper bag and $1.00 for reusable bags.
  • Exceptions include offering small plastic bags for food safety, medications and dry clearing and companies will be allowed to use plastic bags they have already purchased.