Newfoundland has a province-wide Used Beverage Container Recycling Program administered as a deposit-refund system which is managed by Multi-Material Stewardship Board. MMSB also operates a collection network of Green Depots for the recycling of used beverage containers. Retailers are required to collect and remit a deposit from consumers to MMSB on applicable liquor and non-liquor beverage containers. The deposit is partly refunded to consumers for each container returned through the Green Depot network. Curb-side recycling is also offered in some municipalities. 

Diversion Rates (Tonnes) 2016

Newfoundland and Labrador

All materials diverted



White goods












Construction, renovation and demolition



Other materials



*All other materials than ‘Plastics’ may or may not have plastics in them.

Diversion Rate Trends

Source: State of Waste Management in Canada, April 2015


Disposal Options

Energy Recovery from Waste Approach


No provincial EFW policy, no EFW facilities current or planned.


Disposal Approach


Regionalized approach to waste management. No province-wide bans in effect, but announced April 10, 2019 that a province-wide ban of plastic bags will take effect in the next six to twelve months. Number of landfills operating = 88, with 1 LFG recovery.



Municipal Plastic Bans


The towns of Nain, Makkovik, and Postville

As of 2018, the Towns of Nain, Makkovik and Postville all instituted bans on the distribution of grocery bags while grocers on Fogo Island adopted a voluntary ban on plastic shopping bags, and instead provide paper bags to customers.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador has announced it will become the second province to ban plastic bags.