The Government of Alberta regulates recycling (or stewardship) programs for beverage containers, tires, paint, electronics, and used oil materials. Municipalities are responsible for the recycling services they offer to residents.

Container Recycling Fee

The container recycling fee is the amount beverage manufacturers are required to pay to cover the net cost related to recovering and processing used non-refillable beverage containers, and to ensure Alberta maintains an effective and sustainable recycling system.  See here to read more about Alberta’s Container Recycling Fee.  

Key laws and regluations in Alberta that affect waste and recycling activities




Diversion Rates

All materials diverted


White goods








Construction, renovation and demolition


Other material


Province-Wide Diversion Programs


Voluntary EPR Programs

  • Cellphones
  • Pesticides/fertilizers and containers (CleanFARMS)
  • Plastic Bag Program– voluntary agreement with industry

Legislated Product Stewardship Programs

  • Packaging – beverage containers
  • Electronics – computers, accessories and IT equipment, TVs
  • Automotive – tires; used oil, oil containers and filters

Municipal Plastic Bans

Wetaskiwin, Alta.

Wetaskiwin to ban single-use plastic bagsCouncillors voted unanimously  to ban single-use plastic bags starting next summer. Starting July 9, 2019, grocery stores and other retailers will be prohibited from selling or distributing plastic checkout bags.

Fort McMurray 

Fort McMurray bans single-use bags.  Fort McMurray has become the first municipality in Alberta to ban both plastic and paper shopping bags.

The bylaw bans single-use bags, including biodegradable shopping bags, but allows bags from fast-food restaurants, bags for bulk use like produce and bags from pharmacies and liquor stores.

Diversion Rate Statistics 

Energy Recovery from Waste Approach

AB is the only jurisdiction in Canada that has a province-wide Code of Practice for Energy Recovery Facilities. In addition, EFW is part of their provincial Energy Strategy. Alberta has 1 large MSW EFW facility, 420 small EFW facilities.