The Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority was created in November 2016 by the Government of Ontario to support the transition to a circular economy and a waste-free Ontario.

To enhance oversight within the new producer responsibility system, the province overhauled Waste Diversion Ontario into the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (the Authority), a non-Crown, not-for-profit organization.

The Authority oversees producers’ performance under the new producer responsibility regime and the operation of existing waste diversion programs until they are transitioned to the new producer responsibility regime.

Key functions of the Authority include operating a public-facing registry – a data clearinghouse – with information and data related to resource recovery and waste reduction, as well as conducting compliance and enforcement activities.

The legislation provides the Authority with the tools for a graduated method of ensuring producer compliance with regulated requirements and a fair system that discourages non-compliance and prevents free-riders. Compliance and enforcement tools include inspection powers, the power to issue compliance and administrative penalty orders and the ability to conduct investigations.

To operate the data clearinghouse, the Authority will collect information from responsible producers through registration and reporting. The intent is for the Authority to have the necessary data from the regulated community to effectively monitor and assess producers’ performance.

The Authority will also be able to collect data related to resource recovery and waste reduction activities from municipalities, generators and service providers. The data will help the government make informed policy decisions, and help municipalities and businesses plan their resource recovery efforts.

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