Reducing your plastic footprint can be easy! These are just a few small steps you can take to reduce your plastic footprint. 

1. Skip the Straw

Straws come in nearly every restaurant drink and almost impossible to recycle. Skip the single-use straw or use a bio-degradable/reusable one. 

2. Refillable bottles

Choose tap water over bottled drinking water. Use a refillable bottle (stainless steel or glass preferred), and never have to use a single-use bottle again!

3. BYOB (bring your own bag!)

Bring reusable bags with you whenever you go shopping. Stash a few in your car or keep one in your purse/backpack so you never forget. 

4. Buy bulk

Many foods are now sold prepackaged in plastic. Bring your own reusable bag or container and buy bulk fruits, vegetables, cereals, snacks, etc. compared to prepackaged when possible.

5. Reusable containers and cutlery

Skip the single-use plastics such as plastic wrap, plastic bags, and cutlery for meals and food storage. Use reusable containers and cutlery whenever possible. If getting takeaway, kindly ask the restaurant to skip the plastic cutlery set if you don’t need it.